Giving it a GO

I have thought about a doing a blog for a very long time. Being a stay home mom I worried about having time to do anything for myself. It seems doing things for the house, the kids, the family takes over and basic survival skills for myself is all that is often left. When my 9-5 corporate job was no longer an option at the end of my pregnancy I made a commitment to myself never to return to a job that wasn’t making my heart happy. I knew a commitment such as this would involve a lot of soul searching. I mean real soul searching, not just something you say to people to explain why you aren’t committed to something society deems as “acceptable work”. My journey started with the birth of my third child, Sloane. However, I want to be clear that this blog is for me, it is not for them. They may appear from time to time but this blog is for all adults. Finding time to do something for myself is important. Also I don’t want this blog to be a mom blog where only moms feel they can relate to someone.

Let’s talk about the site’s name, Fingers to Sky. It’s that feeling when you take a leap and throw your hands in the air and let yourself truly go with it. Let the wind hit your face, smile, grimace, cry, scream, whatever the moment calls for. I’ve been doing a lot of all of these things in the last year. Everything from trying something new on Pintrest to taking a bit step and finding the right counselor to talk to. Taking steps to better my marriage and researching how to plant strawberries. Vacuuming the house and visiting Mom in the hospital. Everything in between. The components of life don’t fit in one category. They force us into a constant state of unbalance. I have tried to find balance for so long and now I’m realizing that instead of trying so hard to balance life it’s better to seek out things that bring me joy and then take deep breaths for all the other crap that is thrown at me.

I’m writing a novel for the first time, terrifying. I have the desire to see a part of the world I have never seen before, even if 10 minutes from my house. I am committed to overcoming some anxiety I have. Building things with my hands and documenting it, planning and growing a garden, food food food drink drink drink, local places we try out with and with out the kids. This blog will be a mish mash of life. Because that’s what real life is, a mish mash.

I hope my online blogging makes at least one person smile or feel supported and not alone. That’s my main goal here. I also hope my writing skills are up to par.

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