Congregate: The Daily Prompt

For an introvert it may seem odd that congregating with friends and family refuels my soul rather than depletes it. Yesterday I helped organize some good old fashion day drinking at our local Brewery, Red Shedman. The selections were pretty awesome with everything from IPAs, blondes, a few varieties of ciders, and some nice darker brews. Two selections were even nitro stouts which are always a favorite for me. We arrived with about half of the brewery occupied, but within the hour it was filled to the brim with patrons. Our group taking up about a quarter of the room with 3 tables. Bouncing from each different conversation feels like a butterfly hitting up all the flowers in the garden. Each conversation so different and pleasing in different ways. Spinning on my heals I have a light-hearted conversation about the yesteryears with a high school friend, only to turn to another conversation concerning a friends mental health. A congregation of all these souls and smiles is a welcome feeling. Everyone there was someone I wanted to sit down and talk to, put my hands on them and give them a squeeze. No children around to distract us, the rain battered the ground outside making staying indoors even more welcoming. I slept like a log, the first in a while. Replaying a few conversations in my head and conspiring when we will all get together again. Remarking that we won’t let too much time pass by between doing something like this again and hoping it’s the truth.

This is my first response to The Daily Prompt. It was fun! I’ll do it again.


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