Artificial Wonder

Do we all wonder about artificial situations and how we would react or survive in that situation? Driving the car, taking a shower, sitting on the toilet, lying in bed trying to sleep, sitting in a waiting room, or maybe even while you are supposed to be paying attention to someone speaking to you. It happens. I hope I’m not alone in my wild wonder. I have thought about zombies attacking, winning the lottery, being caught in an avalanche, a mass murderer coming into my house, killer bees, a movie star falling in love with me, and honestly the list could go on and on. Some situations are truly terrifying, while others overwhelming with hope and desire. I suppose this is a mostly healthy habit and quite honestly I’m not sure I could stop it. Maybe I have no desire to stop. In fact, as someone aspiring to be a writer I welcome these wonders, no matter how dark and twisty they may become.

This is a response to Wonder: The Daily Prompt

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