Freezing My Tail Off

The wind makes my eyes water and my ears burn while I stand at the bus stop waiting for my son. My hands are buried in my pockets and I turn my back to the wind for some relief. I’m provoked to yell at the bare trees, “”Augh, I hate you. I am so over this coldness.” I count the seconds to 3:41pm, which is when the school bus should arrive. This is my first year at the bus stop, but I have many years in front of me with three children under the age of 6. Years and years of freezing my tail off waiting for the bus to come.

Shockingly, when I think of it that way, I think of how much I enjoy meeting my son at the bus stop. He always has a big smile when gets off the bus and runs over to me for a hug. I straight away ask him how is day was and his response is always different and amusing. Years and years of “how did your day go” conversations sound pretty nice.

I’m still over you winter. Go away already!

Response to the Daily Prompt: Provoke 


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