Don’t Judge These Wrinkles

As I share some of my personal soul searching thoughts and actions on my blog I realize some of my past is going to be flashed up on the screen. We all have a past and there might be things we are or are not proud of. Just as important there might be things that were a part of our life, that simply are no longer a relevant.

I hope that you will see me as a good person, and understand that my younger days were a helluvalotta fun, but they were my younger days. Sowing my oats. I’m grateful for all the experiences life has given me. Yes all of them, even the time hit a mailbox with my car and stepped in dog poo with bare feet. Lessons are learned at every bend in the road. Look where you’re going, being on important lesson.

Check out my face, see my 40-year-old wrinkles. The lines will continue to grow with age, so will the wisdom.



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