Three Acts of Storytelling

I am taking a class called “Write Fiction Like a Pro” through ed2go. It’s been really helpful for a beginning writer like myself, and I am getting feedback from the professor which is also more helpful than trying to read a book about – writing a book. Below is what the class outlines as these three acts.

Act 1: Hook, Backstory, Trigger
Act 2: Crisis, Struggle, Epiphany
Act 3: Plan, Climax, Ending

For my very first book, I will probably follow this outline pretty closely. So far it has been a great guide to putting a story line together. I am only half way through the class and have a good sense of direction for my book and the flaws of my protagonist and antagonist. I also know how the protagonist is going to win. Yeah, did I really just give something away? Almost every book has the protagonist winning and I am no exception. I want her to win, it’s half the reason I’m writing this. Maybe I do compare the story to myself, because I want to win at life too.

Writers, do you have any books or resources to share? I’m all ears!

My outline has changed so drastically since the story first came to me. I try not to fret over it too much, but honestly I have almost zero time to write. As a stay home mom with three kids can you imagine what my day might look like? Remember that scene in Mr. Mom when they are in the bathroom? That’s pretty much my life 24/7. I have a 1, 3, and 5 year old and they are all high voltage kids, with unlimited imaginations, and run full throttle all the time. Embracing the chaos is all I know.

I HOPE I finish my book before they graduate college! My goal is 3 years and I’m already 6 months deep with little to show.


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  1. I learned writing through script writing but I tend to find going with the flow is always the best way. Let your writing lead you then edit away at what you have because you’ll be surprised at how much good material you have just from that. Very nice read 😁

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  2. You are a busy mom! I remember when mine were that age and I couldn’t even think of writing so kudos to you! I agree with Matthew Reay, let you writing take you where to go an edit later. But there are so many good writers on here and ones that give great advice. One I follow that I really like is Heather Thompson Commonplace Book Blog… Check her out you might get some great insight for your book.

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I just started following her. Everyone in my house is asleep and here I sit typing away. It’s my only quiet time.

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      1. Well it does in some ways, and other ways it gets much harder but at least you aren’t sleep deprived. But I will say I miss my little babies, not the work, but just the cuddles, the fact that they loved me unconditionally and showed it. I have three boys and although I know they love me they grow somewhat apart from you. They have different interests, they aren’t as talkative, and you can’t do things like you do with girls. Like I do with my daughter. So I miss them. But they are great young men and I am so proud of them. It will get easier that I can promise but it will be harder in other ways. I can’t really describe, or maybe I can???? I don’t know…lol

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