Running Full Force

I’m trying to get ahead, when in actuality I’m running full force just trying to keep up. The list of “to do” items runs long, like around the planet more than once kind of long. My birthday is one week away, it’s not a milestone birthday and but I do have some fun plans. I think I’m going to pretend my birthday is at least one entire week long. Maybe two weeks! I’m going to bake some cookies with the kids and then see if my neighbor wants to have a glass of wine on the deck while our dogs play. I’m putting my busy lady running shoes away for a two-week hiatus.

The house can get messy . . . okay maybe not the house. My son (who is 5) calls me the cleaner. I hate clutter. So I may still clean the house for sanity reasons, but other stuff is going to just get put on hold. Okay, maybe not planting the garden because I never know when it will be nice again, and I have homework I have to do or I will miss my deadline. BUT everything else is on hold. I do have to pay the bills; I can’t have the man trying to repossess my house while I’m off reading a book. Of course I have to do the grocery shopping otherwise my family will starve. BUT! Nothing else more than all of that. That’s it. Not a single other thing, besides meal prep or again – family will starve.

Oh to hell with it. Where are my busy lady running shoes? The world will go off its axis if I put my feet up. I am an authentic do-er, can’t stopper, and kind of nuts.


  1. I like how the post turned, you made me laugh. Thanks! I’m the same, I can’t skip keeping up with the things that “have to be done”. Please enjoy your birthday too! Happy Birthday 🙂

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