College Girl 1995

High school was in the rear view mirror and I wanted to get as far away from my little town as possible. My parents loaded up our Maroon, Isuzu Trooper and off we went, five and a half hours south to Greensboro, North Carolina. I knew just two people there, both boys that I had strange histories with. Upon my arrival both of the boys tried to kiss within hours of each other, I pivoted and dodged them both. Freedom was at my grasp, getting tied down with another teenage heart ache was not happening.

When we arrived at the campus I remember feeling small and lost, though not scared. I knew it was a solid good bye from the day before, no turning back now. We were overloaded with pamphlets and stapled papers, we followed a tour guide who herded us like sheep and told us about the haunted theatre. My parents climbed the flight of stairs and tossed my belongings in my room. I held back the sob that was bubbling in my chest, until they closed the door and left me to sort through my new life. The air smelled sweet somehow, and crisp, even as a few tears escaped. I buzzed with fear and adventure. Alone, for the first time in my entire life.

Another orientation was about to start, I left my room, turning around once to take it all in. When I swiveled towards the hallway a skinny redhead girl was trying to figure out the lock to her room. I introduced myself, she smiled and I noticed the same hopeful look in her eyes that I was feeling. Friends. Immediately.

“Want to skip this orientation?” I said.

“Yeah. Okay.” She replied with ease.

The plan was set, we hung around a fountain with two strange boys, also skipping the orientation, where you probably had to introduce yourself and tell everyone your major. Being I didn’t have a major, this was a relief to skip. The boys had some pot, so smoked on a hill under some trees and talked about where we were from. They were from New Jersey; we were from Maryland. Somehow, we were the same people.

My first day at college. My first friend at college. My first buzz at college. My forlorn attempt at college.

This is my response to Forlorn, the Daily Prompt. 


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