Peas to Announce, a Garden Success

This morning I picked peas for the third time this year. While they seem to be doing well with the very wet Spring we are having, the strawberries are basically water balloons with no flavor. I did pick a few more strawberries today, they are small so I’m hopeful for some flavor.

My tomatoes are growing well, no blossoms yet however. I need to get my supports in before they are too big.

Things doing well with this very wet Spring include the squash (some already blossoming) peas, chard, spinach, potatoes (though that can change if the wetness continues), blue berries, herbs, and cantaloupe.

Trouble with the rain? Bugs seem to be coming out earlier, slugs are having a party and multiplying daily! My cabbage, broccoli, and collards look like lace. I’m going to try Safer Soap to see of it helps.

Only half of my green beans came up! This happened 2 years ago too. My yellow squash also never popped through. It’s a bit late but I’m going to reseed and see what happens.

Still need to do more weed blocking, trellis and other support, and net the blue berries.

I take pride in my gardening, it’s a lot of work to have a garden this big. Time to work on it is the issue. Same excuse for the progress of my novel. Being a stay home mom will only become more demanding in a week when my son is home for summer break. I’m looking forward to the summer and spending it with the kids, it’s just hard at times to let other things slide away. Personal goals and desires sit idle. It’s something I’ve grown more used to and seem to accept better than in the past. They are little for only so long. My garden might be a mess, my novel not written for years, this is the life I signed up for. With little breaks here and there, I’m reminded of my life outside of the kids. Just enough time to pick some peas without worrying they will step on my tomatoes. Just an extra minute to pluck some weeds and take a mental note of all the things I need to do for a successful garden. These mental notes are filed away, some never to be addressed.

My peas are good! We will eat them tonight.


  1. Your garden sounds outstanding
    Your vegies sound sublime.
    Your peas made me so hungry that
    I had to quite this rhyme.
    I’m sorry that your berries were
    Not tasty, but they might
    Be awesome ammunition in a
    Large scale fun food fight! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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