Summer Break

It is officially summer break and I am home full time with a 1, 3, and 6-year-old. Overwhelmed? Hell yes. My son (the 6-year-old) moaned that he didn’t know what to do and was bored for about an hour straight. Meanwhile I hurled ideas at him only to be met with the eye roll and a pouting lip. My mind sang to me, this is going to be a long ass summer. The hardest part is finding things to entertain all three age groups, or even things that are safe for all three age groups to do. We tried to hike today, I carried the sweaty baby for about a mile, thankfully it was a short loop. Bugs didn’t bite us, we were so sweaty they just stuck to our skin.

I may have counted how many times my son said MOM in one minute, and it was 4 times. Each was followed by: look at this. Then ended with whatever he wanted me to look at, which varied from a tuber ware he balanced on his head, to hitting the dog with a cat toy. My 3-year-old just cried about fifty percent of the day, I have no idea why. Though if I had to guess maybe it was about life and the injustice in the world that surrounds her. The 1-year-old tries to throw herself off the dining room table or walk directly into the lake while hiking. She’s destructive and seems to care very little about her own welfare. My husband went to happy hour, good for him. I have had these three blessings from the time they woke up until the time they went to bed, and I am so tired and smelly – the smelly situation is just going to have to be taken care of tomorrow.

What about my goals? I had a new year’s resolution two years ago. It was to read a little, write a little, and try a new recipe. Sounds delightful, something a magazine would cover. My summer resolution is to sleep a little, shave a little, and clean nothing.

My blog is going to suffer this summer. I have a feeling I care about this more than anyone else. Ideas for things I want to write about ebb and flow through my soul. I lay in bed and think of this fantastic idea, knowing full well I will lose it if I don’t quickly write it down. So may abandoned and forgot topics, countless.



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