New Site: The Captured Quill

I have begun work on a new site called The Captured Quill, which will allow me to build my portfolio for content and copywriting. When I left my previous employment of Human Resources I had a tingle of home inside of me. Determined, I promised myself I would strive to find true happiness in a career. While there were aspects of Human Resources that I enjoyed, most of the enjoyment was in writing assignments and helping others on an individualized basis. I sought out any creative nooks hidden within my job and clung to them. With hard work and a lot of luck, I will be able to use the writing skills I have acquired over the 13 years in Human Resources.

I am grateful for my education and experience. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an emphasis on Human Resources and a minor in Psychology, and my Master’s Degree in Human Resources has provided me with a firm grip on business writing and practices. The direction I want to take my writing is more along the lines of interest pieces on individuals and businesses, biographies, interviews, and creative writing.

If my adventure in writing fails, there is always a previous career to fall back on. Though I would like to believe I’m balancing on a tightrope without a net underneath.

Stay tuned for more information on The Captured Quill. I have a few interest pieces lined up over the summer and other prospects I can’t wait to share with you. I am still in the progress of creating social media outlets for The Captured Quill, and I will be sure to announce when they are complete.

Cheers to new adventures!


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