Beneath A Scarlet Sky: Book Review

Beneath the Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan

Based on a true story and soon to be made into a movie, I found easily fell into this story. Pino and his Italian family are immediately interesting, perhaps it’s just a taste of another time and another country. The time is set during World War II and Hitler’s army is trying to gain control of Italy. Pino is a young man turned hero, but the things he bears witness to are at times horrific and unimaginable. At the age of 17, he was helping Jews escape over the Alps to Switzerland. At 17 I was drinking wine coolers in a cornfield and sneaking cigarettes from my mom’s purse. So I couldn’t relate to what he went through, though so few could I’m sure. Romance spins its way into this story providing a break from the harsh and cold scenes of war. Sometimes I try not to get sucked into the label, “Best Seller” but in this case the book deserves it. I walked away with sadness in my heart and a better understanding of how the war impact Italy. The back of the book follows up with all of the characters so you know where they are today, even the protagonist, which I wasn’t expecting.

beneath the scarlet sky


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