A Million Dollars to Put Towards Your Craft – What Would You Do?

You are awarded a ton of cash with the stipulation that it must be put it towards your craft, your career, your passion, something you have always wanted to explore but didn’t have the time or funds. Now you do. So, what would all this money permit you to do that is so different from what you are doing? I recently read an article Write Like a Billionaire on BOOKFOX.

The author asks the reader to create a list of possibilities the extra funds would bring. The article addresses writers; however, I’m pretty sure this exercise would work with any path you choose. Here is the nitty gritty down and dirty list I threw together:

  • Hire a nanny for the afternoons. This way I can do fun things with my kids in the morning, but the afternoon would be my writing time.
  • Find an editor that would push me but would also take care of all the grammar errors I like to make.
  • Take the classes I drool over online but cost way too much.
  • Go to writing workshops in exotic places and take a few friends with me.
  • Create a sha-bling office. It would be a mix of street art and zen-like yogini décor that would keep the creative juices alive and fill me with peace.
  • Silence. Can I buy that? A soundproof room with big windows overlooking something serine like a forest or city or lake or ocean. Anything that wasn’t a parking lot or a chicken farm would do.
  • Upgrade my computer.
  • Software! I would get all the pro stuff for writing and graphics. Including purchasing camera equipment.
  • Hire someone else to do the cleaning and most of the cooking because that stuff sucks up a lot of time.
  • SPA. I think weekly, or bi-weekly spa visits would help loosen up the ol’ thinker. Why not? I’m a billionaire after all.
  • Network building. Explore new places, talk to new people, expand my reach. I love to meet creative people with all types of passions; it would be amazing to have the time to cultivate and grow a network I could plug into and feel a sense of belonging.

In case you haven’t guessed, the article goes on to tell you to look at the heart of this list and determine what goals you could achieve with the funds and time you already have. I can’t afford an editor, expensive classes, a ton of software and hardware, the spa, someone to clean or cook, or a place to have an impressive office. Noted.

I could carve out a better place in my home for an office, and I could work on my networking more. I am taking affordable classes at the community college, and I haven’t honestly even looked into a writing workshop. So – maybe. Maybe some of these things are attainable now.

Dream of having endless funds to pursue your craft? What types of things would you do first?

Photo credit: I created it with Canva


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