Just Me, Taking Some Pictures On Gorgeous Fall Day

I am not a photographer, but I love to dabble in it a little. A few days ago the weather was simply amazing. It reached the mid-70s at the beginning of November, which is not the norm here in central Maryland. For a change I only had one little one with me, so I strapped her to my back and we headed out for a short hike around the lake. The leaves are starting to turn, the wind was a welcome and calm sound. I would call it zen-ful, if I didn’t have a 25-pound baby on my back.

What is your favorite season? I personally enjoy the changes in the season more than the heart of each. Here are a few amateur shots I took on our short hike.





The only unfortunate thing about the day was that I didn’t feel comfortable walking a long distance by myself with the baby. Early the morning I stood at the bus stop with my neighbor. I told him I was going on a hike but wouldn’t go very far because as a woman it makes me nervous to be in a secluded area alone, especially with my kids. He said, “That talk about ‘it’s hard to be a man right now’ is ridiculous. I wouldn’t think twice about going for a hike alone like you are.” Yes! Exactly! Thank you neighbor for getting it.

My daughter and I walked the water’s edge but didn’t go too far down the trail. We went far enough to enjoy the day without getting lost in it. Might be nice to have the option though.


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