My First Essay Contest Win – Age 9

Rummaging through a file my mom handed me of school work, I came across a story I wrote and received second place on. This touching and hilarious story walks readers through the journey of an alien from Zoon and how it became a teenage boy. The MC even goes on a date! I think I was about eight or nine when I wrote this. I will type this word for word so grammar will be skewed.

I’m an ALIEN

Oneday on the planet Zoon I had to go down to earth. Why? Because we eat and live on something that the humans call French-Fries. Well I was flying fine then out of the earth a shot came and hit me from sky! My ship went down, down, down, and then CrAsH! When I looked I thought I knocked down the sun. I could tell because it was dark. Well I thought to myself and then opened my eyes and millions of people were outside my space ship!! I got scared then I started to cry. I saw the baby crying so since I had magic powers I changed into a human baby. Then a little lady came over to my ship opened the top and took me out. I looked at her and said “Friend-Fries”! Then with a big grin on my face I laughed a little. She took me home in a weird ship called a car. It was pink “yuk!””I hate pink!”

1 Day Later

She thought I really was a baby. She changed my deappir [diaper], she fed me, she changed my bed, she gave me gross baths, she played with me and she made me wear PINK! Well I forgot all about my French-Fris for 18 years.

18 Years Later

I was 18 years old and in school. I always knew what cool was. Well my first date was rad she didn’t like pink! Just in case you want to know more about the date. Take her out yourself!

2 Day Later

One Saturday I was looking at some old junk and found my first step-up book.


Then I thought and remembered all about my planet Zoon, and his mishion [mission] to bring back French-Fries. I had to do it then. So as soon as I got to Mc Doundles [Donalds] I had to think of a way to get home. MAGIC POWERS! I thought well if I had magic powers I could make a space ship.

25 Minutes Later

The space ship was not very good. But it at least it worked. I was about to get in when my mother called me. I dropped all 19 bags of French-Fries and went home. Then when I came back I looked all over for my space ship and Frenc-Fries. But they were gone. I got mad and changed myself into a alien again. Then I made another ship and stole 109 bags of Frenc-Fries (I think it will last longer.) then I went up to my planet. (It was hard getting.) When I got there no one was there. I got out of my space ship and aliens jumped out of space trees! I dropped the French-Fries and ran into my space-ship and went home. When I got back I changed back into a 18 year old boy. And there I lived like a boy for the rest of my alien life.

The End

I Think!

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  1. OMG this is the best! I’ve actually been looking for the first “book” I wrote (I think I was 5? ish?) which I thought was on my bookshelf but is apparently in a box of books in the attic. So, it being Christmas season, guess what I’m doing while I’m in the attic? Haha!

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