What Are Your Resolutions for 2019? Here Are My Top Three

I like New Year Resolutions! Anytime a goal is made it has the potential to turn into something amazing. Last year I resolved to read a little, write a little, and try a new recipe every week. I did not try a new recipe every week, but I have started to make Indian food and more complex Mexican and Japanese dishes. It’s been an adventure that has mostly yielded delicious options.

Here are my top three resolutions for 2019 and why I choose them.

  1. HIKE MORE. My husband and I used to hike almost every weekend, sometimes more than once a week. We had been able to keep the momentum going through three children until our kids started to have more activities and a better social life than us. I am hoping to get outside and hit the trails more, even if we have a soccer game at 11 am. I think it’s important for kids to be comfortable outside, connect with nature, and spend active time with their family. Here is to reigniting a hobby from the past.
  2. FINISH MY BOOK. I am working on two novels at the moment. I have no idea which one will finish first or which one will be more interesting to readers. A lofty goal would be to finish both in 2019. Sure, what the hell. I resolve to finish the first draft for both novels this year. It wouldn’t be the first resolution I’ve broken, but I like the idea of completing this one.
  3. DON’T LOSE MY SHIT. As a stay home mom to three children are under the age of six, I find myself yelling a lot. I am guilty of neglecting signs that I need a break and some alone time. My overall health could improve by getting more sleep and being more aware of my needs. I will try to find my Zen even when I’ve asked the kids to get their shoes on five times, nobody is moving, and we are about to miss the bus. This will be the most challenging of resolutions, but also the most important to stick with.

One year I resolved to learn how to play the guitar. It was a fun stretch where I would get together with a few friends; we’d eat, learn to play, and all sound horrible together. I think that was my most adventurous resolution as far as trying something completely new.

I’d love to hear your resolutions and if you’ve ever had one that really pushed you. Happy 2019!

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