Parents all across the land, toddlers just don’t understand.

I’m a grown woman who has faced her fair share of ups and downs. Things have scared me to the core, both physical and mental. I have survived the toddler years of two children so far, yet nothing is harder and more terrifying than facing my current two-year-old daughter during one of her epic tantrums. The third child is the loudest.

Her outbursts are saved for me and her dad. Lucky us. People say how calm she is, I grit my teeth and force a smile. Nod politely.

Just five minutes ago she asked me for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mind you the time is 9am and she just ate cereal and a bowl fresh fruit.  I don’t care, girl wants a sandwich then mama gonna give her one. Just please don’t scream at me again. She’s been up since 6am, officially anyway. Who would forget the midnight and 2am waking that resulted in a murderous screech because I wouldn’t lay next to her? Guess who caved? It wasn’t her.

So, darling child here is your sandwich that you asked for. Wait, what’s happening? Why are you crying and throwing yourself on the floor? It’s exactly what you asked for! You wanted this, and I made it for you. I made it with love. I tenderly cut the crust off because I know you don’t like it. I put it on a paper plate because you broke two porcelain ones just this week. It’s an equal amount of peanut butter and jelly. Why are you crying?

Her screaming continued for about five minutes. The picture below is from this very episode. She is upset because she wanted a sandwich. It’s sitting on the table behind her. A half-hour after she asked me for the sandwich, it is still on the table untouched. The good news is Mickey Mouse is on TV and she is absorbed with mouska-tools. Thank you, Disney!



Toddlers are the real deal man. You think babies are hard and need your attention? Pshhh. When you are pregnant they say there are things they don’t prepare you for. Like the pain after you give birth, how hard breastfeeding can be, how your body adjusts to lack of sleep but you don’t recognize the shell of a human you become. Here is one more thing to add to what they don’t tell you. Babies are easy compared to toddlers. You’re in the thick of it for a while. Sit back, buckle in, and pray.

This too shall pass.


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