I Hate Winter a Poem – I Suck at Poems

Fair warning. This is a little stupid, but winter has me feeling like a caged animal. Poetry isn’t really my thing, and that includes reading it and writing it. I have no idea why I wrote this. Maybe because winter is making me a little mad?

Coldness seeps into my bone

I fall into a hibernation zone

Hunched over stiff and sore

Winter is a stubborn chore

Long hot showers mask the sorrow

More snow due the day after tomorrow?

The earth is brown and dead

And I never want to leave my bed

Indoors are feeling so tight

Everyone finds a reason to fight

Kids scream and destroy my house

Distraction: I turn on Mickey Mouse

Food provides comfort to my soul

And more chili goes in my bowl

Summer please come back

Bring on the mosquitos let them attack

Fond memories of sunburn and sand in my crotch

Even the camping trip I will botch

Fire pit parties, beers in hand

Happiness spread across the land

Warm and star filled night

I’m crying right now, what a sight

Outdoor concerts fill the land

Heads bopping to the reggae band

Hippies dance a carefree show

Birds chirp and fireflies glow

Winter, you are a shit

I know I’m throwing a fit

It’s a sad kind of day

When the winter blues won’t go away

Take the boots and parka too

My lips are the color blue

Dry hands snag on my shirt

Champed lips crack and hurt

Dang you winter, we are not friends

I’m counting the days until you end

The daffodils are popping out

Your days are numbered I have no doubt

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