I Write Everyday, Against All Odds

Someone once told me that a writer should write EVERY SINGLE DAY. At first, I thought it was impossible. Today, I realize this passion I’m trying to grow can’t do so without effort.

At this very moment, I am writing at my son’s Ninja Warrior Training course he takes every week. He gets mad though, expecting me to look up and watch him climb walls and swing from ropes. It’s a pretty cool course, actually, but I need to fit in time to write whenever I can. I’ve looked up at least ten times while starting this blog. He searches for my gaze, so I give it to him. Quite the showman!

Rarely, I write in the morning if all the kids are eating, dressed, and school bags are packed. That would allow for a few minutes though. If all three of the kids are home and occupying each other, I might open my laptop to write down as much as I can before someone is hurt or needs to go to the bathroom. Nap time is my saving grace, most of the time. My two-year-old has been going on nap strikes and my four-year-old sees she could have my one on one attention, so she takes advantage of that.

At night I write between dinner clean up and my husband coming back downstairs from putting the kids to bed. It’s about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. I try not to write after he goes to bed because I tend to stay up until unspeakable hours wrapped into the world I’m creating. I do it anyway though, at least once or twice a week. Though the next day, I’m sluggish and exhausted.

Two days per week I have a nanny come to watch the kids for a few hours. It’s great, but I never use all the time for writing alone. It’s also when I do something for myself. So everything from gardening, lunch with a friend, and various appointments are also squeezed into this time, I got my mammogram last week, for example. As well as cleaning, dinner prep, paying bills, shopping, keeping up with the kid’s activities, and the multitude of paperwork that comes with being a parent. How is it so much?

Sometimes I use the gym’s kid drop off as a chance to get some writing time, but then I feel guilty for not exercising and working on my beach bod (Haha! Beach bod, that’s funny).

During the weekend I find time to write every day for at least an hour or two while my husband wrangles the kids.

I write whenever I can. I squeeze time into every nook and cranny during my waking life. It’s short and interrupted a lot, but I make do with what I can.

I ended this blog sitting at my dining room table. It has taken me more than two hours to write, edit, post, not to mention two locations, a stop at the drug store for new school supplies, helping get a snack together for my kids, talking to my sister for a few minutes on the phone, and answering some text messages.

If I can do it, you can do it. Find your passion and practice your craft. Good luck!

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