Three Virtual Writing Support Groups I Love

I’m not sure about all of you writers, bloggers, content contributors out there, but I’m a member of several writing groups. While most of the groups I belong to are on Facebook there are a few others worth mentioning. If it weren’t for the writing community I would not be as confident and progressing at this rate. Below are my top three favorite groups and a little about each of them.

  1. Revision Division Vault: Kimberly Hunt started this group within the past year and it’s almost two-hundred members. I like small groups like this one because you get more attention to your needs. Kimberly is an editor and helps everyone who posts questions. She also adds useful tips every week and is available for hire if you need a professional editor. She has been beta reading my current novel and I’ve found her to be very helpful. Keep in mind, Kimberly is not a one-woman show. The community of writers online all jump in and help.
  2. Scribophile: I love this site! To put it simply, you read others work and earn Karma points. When you reach five points (which is about three beta reads) then you get to post your own work to be critiqued. I have only had one troll on the site so far, which I think is pretty amazing. Everyone else has been very helpful and I’ve connected with a few writers who are following my novel from start to finish. It’s free, but the version you pay for gives you a lot more perks. Getting critique from others can sting sometimes, but it helps us grow.
  3. Local Writers Association: I live in Maryland and the local Maryland Writers Association is a great way to meet local authors and find events, speakers, and contests. Through this site, I found an in-person writing critique group that meets every other week. I’ve only been part of the group for two months and it’s already become so vital to my process. Check your local state for writers associations, your library is another great tool to find in person AND virtual support.

If you have any support groups you like, send them along! I’m always in search of people practicing the craft of writing and looking to collaborate or workshop. Happy writing!

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