Tentacles and Teeth: YA Fantasy Book Review

Tentacles and Teeth by Ariele Sieling is a great YA Fantasy about a young warrior female who is cast out of her tribe for breaking too many rules. She is sent on a quest to prove her loyalty by retrieving a book from an abandoned town known to be loaded with monsters. The strong-willed Askari is faced with one obstacle after another on her journey which keeps the book moving quickly. This is a good read for the YA audience because the monsters are scary but not over the top. The gore isn’t overdone. The language used is very appropriate for young teens, as is other content such as her relationship with other characters. Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty terrifying scenes where my heart was pumping, but I wasn’t terrified, I was nervous, thrilled, and excited to see what happened. Overall I really enjoyed this story and was fortunate enough to have met the author at a book signing. Ariele Sieling is super sweet, very approachable, and took the time out of her busy night to give me a few pointers on my own science fiction novel I’m working on.

I look forward to book two when it comes out.

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