White Belt: Book Review (Zombies!!!)

I recently read White Belt by Faye McCray. A fun story that moves nice and quick. The novella-length leaves me wanting more as soon as the ride is over. Prepare yourself for some gory scenes, humor, and the main character who quickly grows from fraidy-cat to warrior. Main character Dani is on her way to a Jay-Z concert with her boyfriend. They stop at a rest area with restaurants and coffee stations on their way. When Dani runs to the bathroom she witnesses a woman attack and viciously bite another patron. The chaos begins there and doesn’t end. It doesn’t end at all. These are the type of zombies that turn right away, making the scare rating HIGH. I love a fast turning zombie.

This is book one of a four book novella series. I love zombies and a friend bought me this book. Looks like I might have to buy the other three now! I need to know what Dani gets into. White Belt leaves readers wanting more.

Oh!! I just found out all four are free on Kindle Unlimited. Happy person dance going on here!

I enjoyed this quick read. The characters are lively and fun, and the plot is quick.

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