Preserving Peas for Next Year

This is the first year I’m attempting to save dried peas for next planting season. The process has been easy. I simply left some pods on the vine and let them dry in the hotter summer sun. When I ripped the plants out of the ground to put in a more seasonal summer crop, I plucked the pods and let them dry in the garage by putting them in an open plastic container. Then I forgot about them for a month. I’m not sure that was necessary, it’s just how life works sometimes.

Tonight I pried open the dried shells and pulled out the pea. I may have overestimated how many I need. I’m a little nervous about planting these next year, so I’m planning to do a few rows of my preserved peas, and then a few rows of newly purchased ones to see which do better.

I love a little garden experimenting every year. I’m also starting to collect cosmos seeds as they mature and will do the same for nasturtium, marigold, and zinnias. I’ve learned the hard way to let the seeds dry out completely (like 110%) before sealing them up. I’ve lost things due to mold in the past.

For anyone interested, I post a lot of garden pictures and updates on Facebook and Instagram. More so than I do here on WordPress. Give me a follow, I’ll follow you back!


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