Jungle Gym Kinda Days

My days are like climbing a jungle gym. I might fall if I don’t grasp the bar firmly. Searching for balance as of late has been an ongoing mission. I realize life will never be in perfect balance, though some days may feel that way, most will not. Yesterday I had my toddler run away from me in a department store. When I found her she kicked me and screamed like she didn’t know me. Embarrassing? Yes. Did I think about the big glass of wine I would have later? Maybe.

Later that night, after my husband got home, I closed myself in my office and worked on my writing. I chose to do some mental health writing over my fictional creative writing because I needed an outlet. So these next few posts might be a little bit of a venting session about me trying to find balance or at least redefine it so I don’t feel like the world is trying to catapult me off.

I found peace because I was able to go into the basement with my water (I skipped the wine tonight) and write uninterrupted for a few hours. Yes, I miss hanging out with my husband, but it’s one night. Let him put the kids to bed and let me clear my mind so I can be more present tomorrow.


  1. Oof, that’s rough. I think every parent has those days where you want to drop your kids in a box marked “free to a good home” on the curb haha

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  2. I was in college before I realized just how important it was to take time for your mental health. I used to stay up super late trying to get all my assignments done and never having any free time. I finally realized that was just draining me and stressing me out even more. I give myself one hour of free time, no matter how many other tasks I need to complete, one hour is mine right before I go to bed.


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