Another Obstacle; Another Triumph

Since a young girl, I carved words into a unicorn and rainbow diary expressing my thoughts on popularity, friendships, disappointment, and clothing. My life was shallow on the surface but these things led to sleepless nights and hiding in the back of classrooms trying to be unseen.

I’ve realized how much the scenery changes as I grow older. My goals meld into what’s important at the time. To the girl with the frizzy hair at twelve years old, this too shall pass. Another obstacle is on the way, but another triumph is right around the corner.

Sometimes I need a little nudge so I can keep pushing myself. I found out my micro fiction Crows Feet, is being published by a local writing organization. I’m doing something right! My words make sense when I string them together. Who would have thought I would be here. As someone who struggled to read as a child, I’m now writing things that others want to read.

It’s pretty amazing and if you can’t tell, I’m rather proud of myself at this moment.

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