Elephant Garlic!


lephant Garlic! I’ve never tried this variety before, usually sticking to long and soft neck. I keep saying garlic is the easiest crop. I plop it in around early fall and let it grow all winter. About mid-May it’s ready. Also pictured here are okra and their yellowy flowers with darl centers. A humming bird came to visit while I was out there. They love these flowers. I made stewed tomatoes and okra last week and I already have more to pick!

Finally a few of the last summer flowers around the garden. Zinnia, Echinacea, and Cosmos.

Hoping to get some cold frames built so I can have greens all winter. Let’s see if we can get it done.

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    1. I wanted to grow the okra in the front of the house (we do eat it) and my husband said I was weird. I may need to just embrace my weirdness and go for it next year.

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