Second-Hand Books: My Favorite Obsession

I told my husband I would just pop into Goodwill to see if there was a desk we could restore. Half an hour later I walk out with a handful, okay, an armful of books. No surprise, he’s a little annoyed I can’t leave the house without picking up more books. The same day I picked up The Secret Wife from the library too. He asks when I’ll find the time to read all of them. Fair point. I have a job, three small children, an attempt at a social life, run the house and our schedules, it’s like having five full-time jobs. Oh, I’m also writing my second novel and editing my first. All that said, I am determined to read all of these books at some point in my life. They weren’t bought for visual aesthetics! Though they are pretty, aren’t they?

Have you read any of these? They are all books on my list on Goodreads. How can I resist them? Each costs only $2 but some were half price. I mean, come on!

  • The Light Between Oceans
  • Life of Pi
  • Watching You
  • Little Bee
  • The Lacuna
  • The Woman in Cabin 10

Please excuse one book turned around, it’s a gift for someone who might see my social media post. If you want to know what it is, send me a message and I’ll share.

20191116_1649292032747738.jpgThis is the look of someone figuring out how to hide all the books from her husband.

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