Try new things

There was a moment in my life where I found myself fearful of so much in the world. This isn’t a post telling anyone how to get over it, instead, I’m here to say a lot has changed and I’m realizing how small this little life is. There isn’t a lot of time to do things like reading all the books on my shelves, travel to all the places my mind can dream of, or make every person I know happy.

It’s February and I’m still talking about resolutions. I had three this year and my second resolution was to try new things. Challenge myself, maybe, really I just want to have fun. At first, I thought I should try something different every month until I realized deadlines cause stress and anxious tendencies. That’s not what this is supposed to be about. In place of a steep willful deadline, I’ve decided to say yes to new things more often and seek them out.

Why? As a writer, it puts more tools into my toolbox. As a girl who likes adventure, I get little sips of joy if something new is just down the street. It doesn’t always have to be a grand plan, it just has to be something fresh. Exploring is good for the heart and soul.

I tried racquetball at the gym with my girlfriend. My forearms were so sore the next day and we struggled but it was fun, I would do it again. Here’s a great picture of me after the fact. We went at it for forty minutes before we realized how much time had passed.

I’m going to post about the new things I try as I do them in case they inspire you to try your hand at it too or share your experiences as you’ve done them. Here’s to taking a different path every once in a while.



  1. Next up, Pickleball!

    I have more mundane goals for this year: Get my oldest into Kindergarten smoothly, finish the first draft of this WIP, and attend this year’s MWA Conference.

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