Podcasts. How am I just getting into this?

I am not in the car very often, most of my commutes are short. I have never really taken to audiobooks and the only podcasts people suggested to me were tips on writing, marketing, and other self-help types. They didn’t resonate with me. UNTIL…

My sister and I went on a long drive to see a friend. I’d asked for some audiobooks to see if we could find something to pass the time. Hello, Dr. Death! It’s a true-crime story about a disillusioned spinal surgeon who botches surgery after surgery. It’s bizarre. We listened to the entire thing.

Next came Dirty John, I was drawn into this woman who wanted to find someone to spend her life with. Unfortunately, she chooses wrong and the consequences were unexpected. It is now a series on Netflix I’m soaking in.

Chasing Cosby. I don’t get a chance to dive deep into the news being my young children are around a lot and frankly, the news is depressing. I knew Bill Cosby was accused of rap and sentenced to prison time, what I didn’t understand was the magnitude of his actions. It blew me away, left me in tears.

My therapist suggested Esther Perel, she has several podcasts and I was interested in hearing how she talks to her clients. She’s a renowned psychologist who has helped hundreds. Her way of listening to what people have to say and then explaining things so simply is astounding. She dives so deep in just a few words.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so what are some of your favorites?

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  1. Like with books, you didn’t get into them because you hadn’t heard the ones interesting to you.

    Those serialized True Crime podcasts are real interesting. Reminds me of old timey radio, which I got really into as well when I realized Sirius XM had a channel devoted to them.


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