Thrilled to be a published indie author. Find Lazarus City now on Amazon!

I’m officially celebrating!

My debut novel is a light sci-fi in Baltimore City, MD. A place I lived for nearly a decade. 

Shelby and Dean are a married couple thrust into an uncertain situation where an infection crushes the local population. Walls tower around the city, protecting the outside world from the infected, but without law or order within city limits, a safe haven is impossible to come by.

Step into the lives of Shelby and Dean as they navigate an upside world apart from one another.

Okay, let me be real. This is a very big deal to me. I mean, look! I wrote a book. It’s pretty and even has a professional cover. It’s been edited every which way possible by a real editor. Seriously, it has actual page numbers and chapters, and all the important parts a story should have. I have cried over this book enough times to fill a bucket. Some tears of frustration, self-doubt, others of joy. I’m proud of myself. I hope you’ll consider taking a chance on a no-name like me.



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