The Bridge to Terabithia

I’m already crying.  This is one of my favorite books from childhood and I’m giving it to my son for Christmas. I’ve always had an big imagination. We would be fairies in the woods, knights fighting dragons, pretended the closet would lead us to Narnia, we built forts, climbed trees, and rode our bikes miles away from home near a big horse farm.

I feel as though the ease of children getting their hands on electronics (and cartoons available 24-7, hello Saturday morning cartoons), has impacted my kids and I am to blame.

2022 I’m going to aim for less screen time for everyone in this house.

Including me.

Last night I scrolled through social media until midnight and I’m not even sure why. I was tired and needed to shut it down. There are timers you can put on your devices I hear.

Maybe if I limit screen time I’ll see the tree bridging over a stream that leads to a magical place again.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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