Indie Authors and All the Sites

As an indie author, I felt it was important that my book be accessible to readers on several platforms. I’m still working to get myself out there on a few, but now Lazarus City can be purchased through Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles and Nook, tolino, Scribd, Baker and Taylor, and Borrow Box. Soon to come is bibliotheca, Hoopla, Onedrive for libraries, and Vivlio.

This single link takes you to all of these places!

Here’s a reminder of what my light sci-fi with elements of horror, action, fact pace drama, splash of romance, and high stakes is all about. Did I mention there are zombies? Never tried a zombie book before? Maybe you could take a chance and let this be your first. Check out my reviews on Amazon and you’ll see even non-zombie fans are loving this book!

Baltimore crumbles under a bloodborne pathogen. To contain the deadly virus, the government closes the city’s borders, trapping survivors and the violent infected inside.

Shelby relies on her husband, Dean, to guide them through this insane nightmare. But when Dean goes missing during a stampede of infected at Camden Yards, Shelby finds herself alone. Determined to find her sister and carve out some sense of safety, Shelby joins a local group of vigilantes, but she must prove her worth before they’ll agree to help.

Dean wakes after the stadium infected, but… different. Unlike the mindless monsters that stalk the evening streets, he’s aware of his actions. And he’s stronger, more alert, and capable. Under a moonlit sky, Dean discovers a secret society filled with others like him. He seeks order amidst the chaos, though quickly learns some leaders thrive on anarchy. A new Baltimore emerges from the wreckage, and it has a taste for blood.

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