Premonition: Spidey Senses!

I was away from my husband and three kids one Sunday, while he took the kids to visit his family. As he left our house I had an uncomfortable feeling. Something struck me about 25 minutes later, and I had the urge to call him just to check in. When he didn’t answer the phone I didn’t think much of it, he was driving after all. Then the feeling struck me again, I really wanted to hear is voice. A reassurance that he was in route and the kids were all okay. He wasn’t often with all three kids on his own, which worried me a bit. Our baby girl was just 6 months old and needed a lot of attention at the time. I redialed again, the phone rang and went to voicemail. A hum of panic started to dig at me. I texted his phone and asked him to call me as soon as he could. Time was sloth like, barely moving. Calling him again, this time I only let it ring once, then hung up. I tried to convince myself everything was fine and I was acting just letting my overactive imagination get the best of me. My phone rang and with relief I see my husband’s name flash on the phone.

Everyone was fine, but he had been side swiped by a careless driver. He said it happened just before I had called him. Later he joked that my Spidey senses must have gone off. I read in a book once this mother believed she had an invisible umbilical cord that attached her to her children, even as they grew. I think the book was Middlesex, but I could be wrong. That day I believe I was attached to them somehow. I hope that feeling never fades.

Maybe this is more intuition than premonition?


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