Forced to Blush

My body betrays me in many ways, and one such way is blushing. Its not a cute blush where just my cheeks turn rosy, it’s an entire red face, ears, and neck explosion. Usually this leaves me embarrassed and horrified. Sometimes I can laugh it off with friends, but most the time it spikes a touch of anxiety in my chest. The simplest things can set my blush off:

  1. Seeing someone I know unexpectedly
  2. I make a joke and everyone laughs with me
  3. I do something stupid and everyone laughs at me
  4. Someone pays me a compliment
  5. Someone is being confrontational (I hate confrontation)
  6. I’m confused and I think it’s obvious to others

Add this to the list of things that my body does that is completely out of my control. I wish I could turn invisible when I am forced to blush. There is no love/hate relationship here! Blushing completely falls in the “hate it” category.

Response to the Daily Prompt : Blush


  1. I can relate, it always happens to me when I want as little attention as possible – when I’ve said something stupid, or like you say, when I’m confused. It’s like my face is out to get me!


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