Invisible Prey: A Garden Entry

My garden is bare, just dirt and some peas I poked into the ground. Today it’s covered in about a foot of snow too. Laying, sleeping, waiting for the dirt to be baked by the sun and warmed up, are the bugs that prey on my garden. These vicious creatures want to take food off my table. Food that my family and I choose to rely on. The squash bug, stink bug, grubs, cabbage moths, aphids, beetles (of 1,000 varieties), weevils, earwigs, and slugs. Millions of them and one of me. I am a defender, a slayer, a spy. Last year I lost my entire green bean crop and a good amount of tomatoes. This year, while I try to be as organic as possible, I am going to choke them out. My research begins with the promise of war.

Oh, it’s on. I see you invaders. You are not invisible to me!

My response to the Daily Prompt: Invisible 



  1. I love the way you write about these horrible micro critters. I have a wild life garden. I will have straw berries and blackberries but them micro critters I can do with less of.

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