Abandoned Goals: First Time Writer

A blank slate. I have read many writers fear a blank page, writers block, and the end of ideas. Being new at the writing game [like, a brand spanking new], I find the ideas are flowing faster than I can type. My thoughts rapidly fire, waking my fingers to action as they feverishly slap the key board. I think of story upon story, and even story within story! The words flow out of me in a mostly disjointed manner, but there are stories be told. Organizing these words on the screen is confusing, and cripples my progress. I was laying in bed this morning and thinking to myself: What if my main character doesn’t realize who her antagonist is right away? What if she actually starts to fall for him and then he does something horrid, forcing her to rely on herself for saving? This starts to derail my original story and I try to wipe it from my mind. I’m always trying to think of ways to make the story more interesting, but this might be hurting the story more than helping it.

Self-doubt is a faceless beast that sends confusion ricocheting through our consciousness. We all set goals, am I right? Having goals propel us forward, but sometimes unobtainable goals or even goals we find no longer serve us, are tossed aside. The reason for abandoning a goal is heartfelt and powerful. Often leaving us in a more distracted and alienated state.

My goal is to write a book. Sure, no biggie. I’m just gonna write a book.


My response to the daily prompt: Faceless


  1. You are a captivating writer! I can definitely relate to your…”What if my main character doesn’t realize who her antagonist is right away? What if she actually starts to fall for him and then he does something horrid, forcing her to rely on herself for saving?”
    Why write traditionally? You are such a captivating writer, why not add your written blogs as pages in the memoirs of yourself…

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  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I know this feeling well. I too have way too many ideas and thoughts making it difficult to organize them all. Good luck on your book. I finished my memoir back in November, but it is a very rough draft and needs additions and deletions and a lot of editing. I need to put more focus on my dream of completing it. Have a happy healthy and fabulous Saturday. Hugs, Sue 😊

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  3. Again, as the others say, I also relate.
    I planned to add to my manuscript this morning, yet what have I done?
    I’ve blogged and read others’ blog posts.
    I’ve procrastinated because of all the leads I have buzzing around my brain.
    When we are pros at this (ha!) we shall know how to plan and remain focused on the scene we last added to (last effing Tuesday) …. I think my writing buddies would encourage me to use a journal when this starts happening. Why not keep one by your bed. When you wake up, or before you go to sleep, you can jot things down roughly on any page, research further another day, but eliminate those ‘leads’ from your train of thought for the present.
    I’m going to try that anyway. I’ll let you know!


    1. I always mean to have something to jot ideas down. I need to get better at it. That would probably help, sometimes I’m too lazy to sit up, turn on the light, pull out the pen and paper 😆

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      1. Same!!!! I’m SO the same!!! I’ll remember that (I think, yet never do 🙄)
        Buy yourself a teeny journal, even a piece of paper today and go put it by your bed! Go on! I bet you’ll jot something down on it tonight 🤣🤣 (but you have to promise to share – not the idea obviously, but the fact you’ve done it!) x

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      2. So I didn’t write in an idea journal but I did start reading a friends book and I typed up about 5 more pages of the book I’m writing….does that count?

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      3. That’s EVEN BETTER than the journal scribbles. Both the book and WIP are progressing and both will have made you feel good, right?
        Bottle that feeling and open the lid next time you have half hour free 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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