Where We Write: Not Always So Zen?

My desk and my mess. My inefficient space to write. I generally write at this big old clunky desk I inherited from my grandmother. The top of the desk is cluttered with notes, mail, to-do items, and rarely used computer equipment. Today we also have a drill sitting here waiting for me to hang a picture somewhere. Do we all have such clutter around us when we write? Notice to the left I also have a baby trying to climb the stairs, she is one of two I am home with, the third is in kindergarten. I have a note posted where I can be reminded to let the creativity flow and only be critical during the editing phase. Also on the note is a reminder about writing in pass tense, I tend to switch between the two inadvertently.

My writing space is far from Zen, I would even call it inefficient. It is open to the living room where cartoons blast and toys crunch under foot. Everyone must have a place more Zen than mine. I feel like I am preforming a miracle every time I publish my blog, even more so when I contribute to another blog.

One day, the children will all go to school, leaving me with mixed emotions and probably more time than I know what to do with. My desk may always be a bit cluttered, an organized mess that makes sense to me. Where do you practice your craft? Anyone else have a drill sitting on their desk at the moment? It’s pointed directly at me, calling me a procrastinator.



Response to Daily Prompt: Inefficient 


      1. I’ve created a bit of a sanctuary at home over the past few months which has been wonderful. I think just having a change of scenery has been a great thing. Sort of gets me out of the habit of sitting in the same place every night 😉 Overall, I think it’s had a positive impact on my writing. Not sure how everyone else feels about it though ha ha!

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