Haul by The Decade

A breakdown of my haul by each decade of my life. What was your haul at each decade mark?

Ten: Dirty knees. My haul was snacks, my stuffed koala bear, Barbies, Lego, a bag full of chipmunk bones (don’t judge), and hand-me-down clothes. I went everywhere on my bicycle with a banana seat! This was the 80s.

Twenty: Shots Shots Shot! My haul was a cell phone the size of a shoe box, paraphernalia, my collection of CDs, tube tops, beer, and bell bottoms. I hauled a resume to get my first adult job, and later the keys to the first house I bought (a rowhome in Baltimore, MD). This was the 90s.

Thirty: It’s a mom life.  I haul around snacks, toys, diapers, wipes and all the goodies that keep kids from melting down or getting sun burn or cold. Keys to a file cabinet at work, a lap top to work whenever I can, and a yoga mat to find some Zen. Don’t forget the bug out kit because we feared when it turned 2000 our lives would be erased.

Forty: Soul Searching. My haul for the kids hasn’t changed, but in my purse I always carry something to write on, my phone, maybe the book I’m trying to find time to read. I haul a grocery list, seeds for my garden, schedule for balancing activities, and an open mind. It’s 2010s.

I’ve found love and peace through each decade. I’ve also known hardship and loss. I have a feeling, it’s this crazy thing called life and it’s not going to change.

Haul Prompt


  1. 1960’s: Just a kid, dirt poor. Had nothing to haul around. 1970’s: Teenage angst. Small knapsack with two changes of clothes as I hitchhiked cross country several times. 1980’s: Full military pack. Chip on my shoulder hoping the Eastern bloc (Old Soviet Union) would invade West Germany. Small overnight pack as I traveled around Europe. 1990’s: Large suitcase with a weeks worth of clothes as I drove a commercial tractor trailer all over North America for the next ten years. 2000’s: Drug induced haze. I vaguely remember hauling around my meager belongings in a beat up chevy pickup truck. 2010 through the present: Now I haul around sobriety like an old friend. And a deep desire to be left alone by government. Any government. And I still have my bug out bags. Several of them. :0

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    1. I read this a few days ago and have wanted to respond every since, please pardon my delay. Thank you so much for sharing! For real, means a lot. What a life you’ve lived, you seem in a good place now. Every think about writing your life story? For yourself or others. You seem to like to write but I might just be making that up. I’ve always enjoyed your blog.


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