Limbo Stage of Wonder

Quote Challenge 3 Days: Day 1

Thank you Sarishboo for the quote challenge. You are as beautiful as your blog and I love reading it! Here is my first quote.

Well I know what’s right
I got just one life
In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
But I’ll stand my ground

Tom Petty

I fondly associate Tom Petty with my high school and college days, though he continues to reappear throughout my life and still strikes a chord with me. This song came on the radio the other day and it teleport me back to some of my early struggles and triumphs as a young adult. I have fallen out of practice, but every year on my birthday I wrote myself a letter and then read the letter on my next birthday. Even when I felt like I hadn’t accomplished much the letter always reminded me that I had in fact grown and gained knowledge. My birthday is in a few weeks and I think I’m going to pick this up again.

Youth! I was so sure of nothing, but felt okay with that. I didn’t think of myself as a child or an adult, it was this limbo playground stage of wonder. My head in the clouds, I felt I was rather luminescent. Literally, I thought I glowed and people could see the warmth and fun radiate off of me. I wanted to meet people, dance, scream, make love, stay up as long as I could, dabble in this and that, and balance on the line between good and bad ideas.

With time however, the notion that I was luminescent withered, and life and the everyday became hard. I experienced what Tom Petty was singing about. The world was pushin’ me around and I was confused and actually scared for the first time. Today it seems so long ago, but at the time every day seemed like 100 years time. I refuse to take a minute away from the struggles that were real to me as a young adult. I’m in a significantly better place, and I believe it’s because of what I took away from this experience. I also hope that when my children are at that age I am able to support them, maybe take the edge off a bit. Might be wishful thinking. Youth! Kind of does with you what it wants.

Rules to the quote challenge:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
  • Share why this quote appeals so much to you
  • Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day

Here is who I nominate, no pressure to participate (promise). I really like these blogs for different reasons, but all of the bloggers listed I would love to sit across the table from and just chat a bit. Thanks for sharing your life with me, I’m listening.



    1. Thank you! Remembering to do so, and then remembering where I put a note to myself 365 days ago is another challenge in its self. 😉

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