Stretch Armstrong

I feel like Stretch Armstrong every second of every day. His face says: I am super tough; I can handle anything. Go ahead, pull me in different directions. My arms will hold back any charging front and my legs allow me flexibility to be in more than one place at a time. Hit me with your best shot, sucker! Though, really all Stretch wants is some quiet time, the inhuman ability to never have to sleep, and someone else to clean the house. His stern face might be confused for being confident and a tad lackadaisical. Though, Stretch gets tired of being pulled and yanked on. While it is fun, and who likes to turn down something fun? Taking a breather would be nice.

All the events feel like they are in rapid succession. Looking at the calendar there isn’t a free weekend until July, though most of that month is filled in also. I shouldn’t complain, I am fortunate to have all these fun things pulling me around. I will get to travel, see long lost friends, hear my favorite band from college, be in my best friend’s wedding, swim at the beach, go camping, and enjoy lots of bonfires with the neighbors. As my son would say, “It’s going to be epic!”

Well Stretch, buckle up, the next few months are going to be full of running around. Try to breathe Stretch! Instead of staring at the hammock with want in your eyes, try to grab your book and lay in the hammock for an hour or two — without a child climbing all over you or asking you to swing them. Ha! Good luck with that one.

Surrender Stretch, it’s your only option! Don’t give me that look, Stretch! One day it will all be easier. At least that’s what people tell me.stretch


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