Anxiety or Just Normal

Am I being anxious or is this how normal people feel?

This is a question I ask myself every day. Different circumstances call for different answers, but it’s not always black and white. The amount of gray area coming into play is significant. It wasn’t very long ago that I discovered my anxiety leaks out in different forms, including my everyday thought processes. Often turning situations that would seem frustrating for “normal people,” it would place me instantly on the repeat track. Thoughts would replay over and over again, not allowing for other thoughts or distractions to butt in. These ideas might start harmless, but with time they would morph into feelings that were negative and hurtful.

Let me back up a minute. I’m a fun person, I look for fun things all the time. Dinners, restaurants, fairs, festivals, vacations, bonfires, and other social events charge me up and refuel me. I think I can be rather chatty, maybe a little too chatty at times. I like to laugh and get others to laugh with me. I’m a spirited person when in my comfort zone.

Normal people don’t blame themselves every time plans fall through. Normal people don’t think about the jerk that cut them off on the highway for a few days. Normal people don’t lose sleep over a typo in an email or a slipped word in a conversation. Normal people can stand in a long line without feeling like they are going to freak out. Normal people don’t go to great lengths to hide all of the above from others.

Through therapy I recently discovered that some of my thoughts are irrational and driven by anxiety. This realization has set me free from so many self-tormenting mind games. Guess what, things come up and people cancel plans. That jerk on the highway might have diarrhea! Sorry, long lines are still horrible, but play a game on the phone for distraction, the line will end eventually.

The question: Am I being anxious or is this how normal people feel? Is one I ask myself often. The answer is all over the place. Though sometimes the answer is straight forward, and I have been able to let those feelings float way into the abyss, stopping the repeat track before it starts.



  1. I believe the world would be a better place if we would all let go of our conception of “normal” and instead embrace the idea that we live in a world of 6 billion idiosyncratic lives/personalities so should exercise compassion and understanding toward each other rather than condemnation and judgment.

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    1. True. I think I deleted the part of my post where I explain that normal is all relative to who is defining it. But isn’t normal a bit boring too? 😊

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  2. I agree with the ceaseless reader writes. Anxiety is a normal reaction to the many things life throws at us. But we can consciously give it less oxygen by acknowledging that this is anxiety speaking, thanking it for its contributions, and redirecting our thoughts. Anxiety is like a friend who doesn’t know how to help!

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    1. There will be brighter days, hang there friend. When the darkest days are on us it’s so hard to see any light. If you’re in a dark spot now I hope you can find some help, talk to someone, find some comfort. Taking that step to talk to a professional is hard! Then on top of that found someone to trust and feel comfortable with is also hard. It’s all hard, but it’s all worth it.


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