Burnt Grilled Cheese Kind of Day

I don’t want to wake up today, can I please just hit snooze? No. At least that’s what my three kids imply. The youngest is about a year and a half. She had a gooey ear yesterday so she has to go to the doctor. Literally, it looked like her ear sneezed! Of course, the only appointment is during her nap so she will be a ball of sunshine while the doctor pokes her in an already sore spot.

Ding! A warning light comes on in my car, one of my tires is losing pressure. CRAP! WHAT!? NO! Not today, I already have a lot going on! Call to my mother-in-law helps, she watches the girls while I spend an hour and a half at the shop getting the tire plugged. Here, just take my money.

With luck, a friend can pick my son up from camp because the doctor’s appointment for the ear is at the same time, but that means he has camp all day and then two hours of fun at a friend’s house. Sounds fine right? No. He’ll be a cranky asshole the minute he steps foot in the house until he falls asleep. The middle child, the poor middle child. All she wants to do is paint, but she can’t when the toddler is running around hell bent on destroying everything she touches. So she sulks and pushes the toddler in the face, then they both cry.

My floors are sticky, like really sticky! I think it’s because I let them walk around with watermelon, which was the only thing I could think of so they wouldn’t climb up my legs while I was trying to cook a grilled cheese!

I burn the first grilled cheese. Just like any good parent, I try to scrape off the burnt side, but it does not pass inspection. Into the trash it goes. The second one is perfect. I mean just amazing, golden, crispy! I put it in front of the girls and neither of them will eat it.

Somewhere else a child is dying because they have no food or water and I just threw out two grilled cheese sandwiches. The thought truly makes me sick. I explain wastefulness to two toddlers and they look at me disgruntled.

Off to the doctor where I am forced to wait 40 minutes while my children destroy the small and lacking toy area. Ear infection, took him two minutes to tell me that. Honestly Doc, I could have freaking told you that without driving the 25 minutes it took to get me here. Thanks for making me wait, I know you are a specialist but that doesn’t really mean you are special.  Be better with your time management, please. It is always a long wait when I see you. Figure it out!

After picking up my son at his friend’s house and listening to the youngest cry the entire way home, I still manage to throw dinner together (steak, corn on the cob, grilled okra, steamed green beans, and a box of Mac n Trees for the kids). Then I realize I have no time to eat as I have to go meet someone for a writing project. I shovel a bite or two in my mouth and leave, explaining to my husband how to give the youngest her ear drops.

I get home from a really amazing interview for my writing project, I’m so tired but happy I spent this time on my craft. My husband hands me a margarita, god bless him. Bedtime rolls around fast, like half an hour later fast. My dear sweet husband has that look in his eye, and I disappoint him by telling aunt flow is in town. Sorry babe, not gonna happen.

I force myself to read for a little, not the book club book I should be reading though. I may not get to it.

Shit. It’s been a long day; I can’t even remember the order of things. It’s been a burnt grilled cheese kind of day. Even when I tried to start it over, it still wasn’t good enough.

Me: Honey, this is so pretty, what is it a picture of?

Daughter: It’s the ground of the earth.

Me: Yep, looks like the ground to me. You did great!


  1. I can relate to this so much!! I’m would love to start using “burnt grilled cheese kind of day” to describe those kinds of days. You are doing awesome though! I can barely get a home made dinner on the table most days and I only have one toddler to raise. Hope tomorrow is less stressful, more like a mimosas and margaritas in the sun kind of day!

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