My Dark Days of Infertility: Part 2

This is a recent blog I posted through a contributor site. I think it’s important to recognize the struggles of infertility and all the ways it manifests in someone going through this fight.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

For over a year and a half, we went through more fertility treatments, each time ramping them up and exposing my body to more drugs/stronger drugs. Finally, my husband and I put up our hands and said STOP. We need a break. When we set up a meeting with our doctor to tell him we wanted to take six months off, he told me that my body was just getting older and he wouldn’t recommend taking a break. He also handed us pamphlets on finding an egg donor. My heart was racing, I could feel the static rushing through my head, threatening a panic attack. Inside I heard the words, run like hell! Though for some reason I couldn’t.

I asked my sisters if they would consider it, not entirely sold on the idea myself. My family did not take this well. It was hard to hear all of their…

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