When your sister tells you about a woman and her snake…

The last week or so I have not been feeling 100%. I can’t sleep, my appetite is not really here, and I have a dull headache. Talking with my sisters and my mom we came up with a few reasons that ranged from the moon cycles to allergies. Then somehow we got on the conversation of people owning exotic pets. We are topic hoppers, what can I say.

My sister shared a story that is not only worth mentioning, but I think I needed to hear it because I can relate . . . Metaphorically of course. In the world of veterinarians, they see some interesting things. Once a woman brought in her boa constrictor because it wasn’t eating anymore and she was worried. She claimed that every night when she went to bed with the snake next to her (yes, she slept with the snake every night, go ahead digest that for a minute), the snake would stretch out beside her in an odd manner as if trying to stretch its neck. She worried something was caught in its throat which is why it was acting strange and no longer eating. The vet took one look at her and the ginormous snake she was cuddling with at night and told her that the snake was determining how big she was because it wanted to eat her. Eat her! The snake was sizing her up and starving itself because it planned to consume her in her sleep.

I am not sure how the story ends, but I assume she wised up and no longer slept with the snake.

Let’s bring this back to me (no I don’t sleep with any animals that are going to eat me). I think I’m not feeling great because I’m stressing myself out about . . . Well, about one hundred different things. I know it’s stress, I know bad eating habits and going to bed late are not going to help me feel any better, but I do it anyway. Sometimes I walk this line that I know is dangerous, but I’m unique, nothing can hurt me.

Said the lady that was sleeping with her snake.

Time to wise up before I am swallowed.


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