Singer, Songwriter: Andrea Molina Dropping Her First Album This Year

I am pleased to announce my first feature article on a very special singer/songwriter friend of mine. I hope you enjoy!

Melisa Peterson Lewis

Singer, Songwriter: Andrea Molina Dropping Her First Album This Year

Feature Story by Melisa Lewis

Sitting at the local coffee shop with Andrea Molina, she told me one of her goals was to sing the National Anthem before a baseball game.  I asked her if a little league game would allow her to check this off her wish list and with a toothy grin, she said it would. In the time I had the pleasure of getting to know Molina, we discussed her dreams of becoming a singer, current business opportunities, her beautiful girls, and passions in life.

The first time Molina sang in front of an audience was at her South Carroll High School’s Senior Memory Night. The room was filled with her peers and their families, though notably absent were her own parents. Days before her performance, she gathered enough courage to admit to her parents that she…

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