Published Authors Are Gods

My attention span waivers and I tend to project hop, sometimes never landing in the same spot again. I have brilliant ideas that I start to plot, only to find the path eventually goes cold, and I lose my scent of the trail. If you have ever published a book, even if only one person read it, you are basically a living breathing god that walks among us. Where do people find the time to write 70,000 words?!

Let me tell you about Tyler Barrett, an author who read my short stories series about an infection that ravages Baltimore City, Maryland. Barrett had some great tips and encouraging things to say about the direction I was going in. Then he revealed that he had a book I could read for free on Kindle Unlimited. Going online I found the man has published two books! His Facebook profile has a picture of him holding a baby. A baby I assume to be his. How did he find time to write a book?

I started to network with him while I was on the toilet (sorry, truth) and continued to respond back and forth over Messenger while I washed my hands, changed a diaper, rewashed my hands, started dinner, did dishes, fed the dog, helped my daughter use the bathroom, cleaned my hands again, put dinner on the table, and took a break to eat. I continued to chat until bedtime and downloaded his book this morning.

How the in the actual hell am I going to write a novel? Between my brain skipping tracks and moving on to the next song before I’m done with the first and my busy life, there is no way.

Wait. I have an answer. I am piecing out my novel Baltimore Zombie, which relieves some pressure. I try to post about 2,000 words every other week. I am also hoping to rope in one of my very talented friends to collaborate on a short story book. Short stories are more my cup of tea at this juncture in my life.

I am impressed by anyone who has ever published a book. Your achievement is amazing! Even if it’s not on the best seller list or even close. You have accomplished something few people in the world do. I raise my glass, cheers to you. I am envious and hope one day to join your rank as a published author.

How do we all find the time to squeeze in passions that lay just below the surface? Tips and suggestions are welcome! Please share. I’m typing this on the couch while my three kids watch tv and wrestle on the carpet… and a lamp was just knocked over (truth).

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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  1. It sounds like you’re doing it already! 🙂 Carve out time when you can, piece-meal things, even if you get a few hundred words a day, it’s forward progression. Maybe schedule a weekend a month when someone can keep the kids and you can retreat into a dark hole with your computer? 😉

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