The Art of the Breakup: Flash Fiction Submission

I have not been published “officially” as of yet, but yesterday I took my first stab. A fellow author reached out to let me know about a call for submissions with the theme of Loss or Pain. Several story ideas flooded my mind, but one hit the closest to home. Have you ever been dumped before? I have, twice. Each time was excruciating, embarrassing, and I was sure I would never be happy again. Looking back the memories are still raw, even after being happily married for over a decade. I think someone telling you that they don’t love you anymore rocks your core so hard, it could be considered one of the biggest upsets to ever experience. Curious if you think the same?

I am not permitted to post my submission unless it’s rejected. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but if it is I will post it for you to read. The story is a work of fiction, though it is based on some combined experiences I had as a dumper and the dumpee. If by chance they approve my submission I will share the book with you to purchase if you’re interested. Below is a small snippet of my entry. Fingers crossed!


Hours later, light breaks through my blinds. Morning, I hate you. Why has the sun been permitted to rise? It is signaling that today is another day, life will be forced to go on. The brightness fills my room in a taunting manner, telling me I should get up. My bones ache from sleeping on my side and hugging my knees. I swivel to stand and am hit with a head rush which forces me to lie again. I must have cried enough salty tears to fill the ocean, and my body feels empty. Rising again much slower, I make my way to the bathroom and notice my reflection in horror. There I am, knotty hair, red eyes and nose, puffy cheeks, and a glassy look that shows the disconnection of a wanted reality, “What did I do wrong?”

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash


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