Trying to Write a New About Me Page—Meh

I’m trying to update my blogging websites, and it feels like torture. Do you have those things you know you need to do but finding the time and motivation to do it is like getting a voluntary root canal? That’s how I feel about updating my websites. It’s old though, almost a year, and my goals and visions have changed dramatically. Isn’t that par for the course?

We get old; opinions will change; knowledge is absorbed even when we don’t intend for it to be. Critics are heard, encouragement tickles our senses, and we are forced to grow.

This is a very short post that outlines a promise. I am going to update my Fingers to Sky, The Captured Quill, and Baltimore Zombies websites before the end of the year. Sometimes if I share goals, then I feel more obligated to stick with it.

If anyone out there has tips to stick with a goal, especially writing an About Me Page, then please send me a message. All I want to do is drown myself in Starbucks, thumb around for cute sweaters and leopard booties, while listening to holiday music.

Photo credit Pixabay

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