Romance Genre Suggestions Needed

I have had many people tell me they read romance novels because they are easy and fun reads. I think I need a little of that in my life. Sometimes I pick up books that are dark and twisty, others are science fiction or offer a fantastical approach. I like thrillers and try to jump into classics as well. However, an easy read with a little juice sounds enticing.

That said, I’m completely new to the romance genre. I have no idea where to start and I’m looking for some feedback from friends and readers.

Here are some things I think I would like:

  • Strong female characters that don’t fall in love when a man flexes his muscles at her
  • Believable storylines
  • Sizzle! I want something with some steam but nothing too corny. If there is a word that rhymes with ‘rock’ in the book, it’s not for me. Especially if that word is used in the same sentence as rock
  • Curse words are totally fine, but only when not over the top and overdone

I think that’s it! Seems like I should have a mountain of books to read. Looking on Goodreads I added the Raw series by Belle Aurora. It looks scandalous and a little gritty.

You might be asking why I have a sudden interest in romance? I am writing a few sex scenes into my apocalyptic novel and need some inspiration. There are elements of romance I cover, though not over the top. With a few love interests sewn into the story, I think it adds a bit of zest that will appease most readers. Therefore, reading romance is research. It might be the most fun I’ll have working on my writing skills.

Can’t wait to hear what you have for me!

If you want to follow me on Goodreads I review every book I read, some I post on social media, others I don’t. I would love to connect!

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