A Taurus Poem or Two: Guest Post

My zodiac sign is the Taurus. Stubborn but loyal, I have always found a connection between the Taurus and myself. Recently I discovered three out of five of us in a writing critique group I’ve joined have birthdays within days of each other. At our last meeting, we were honored with two clever poems by Rissa Miller. She not only read them aloud to us, but she also presented us with an amazing orange vegan oil cake. Below are her two original poems, you can also check out her other publications and work on her website: https://www.rissawrites.com/



No one ever need said

don’t give up to you,


Steadfast, strong-willed,

you are the rock

(maybe the boulder)

on which we lean.

Port in a storm

with open arms

for those who earned space

in your unwavering heart.

Reliable, sensible

you are no bull,horoscope-639127_640.jpg

but a bull none the less

connected to the Earth

in solid, tactile ways.

Your feet are always

on the ground, no matter how

far you reach to the sky

searching for

truth, love and beauty.

And beauty you crave,

always wishing for that

perfect connection,

your heart crowded with love

you long to give and give and give

if only

Astrologers wax poetic,

say Taurus is the unsung

romantic of the zodiac,


say you are the best kisser of

all the signs.

Sensual, generous,

you work as hard for love as you do

for security.

Nothing but substance

will lock down a loyal

earthly beast like you.

It’s quality over quantity

in friends and lovers alike.

When I say Taurus,

they say stubborn,

but really,

you’re determined, focused,

and the connection that drives

you is sweetly steeped with

ethereal inspiration.


rare word meaning undying, immortal;

also, a fictional flower that never fades

A poet knew you,

scribed you the timeless beauty

of an unyielding heart.

Ink on the page sang of

your power and will

decorated by magnificent flush of

everfast grace.

Down to earth,

persistent, reliable roots,

a connection of sheer


between sky and ground.

You add substance,

eternally blooming sensual give.

Poets recognize you,

unwavering stem of deepest truth

wrapped in lush bodily adornment.

Capable flower,

grounded in grit,

your petals are the

finest terrestrial kiss:




Thank you Rissa for sharing your talents with me on my birthday! It’s funny how we’ve only known each other for a short time and yet her poems describe me so well, especially the part about being a good kisser. I’m a fantastic smoocher 😉 or at least no one has ever complained.

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